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Finding an edge
in a crowded category.
Red Duck Foods is an organic condiment company (and certified B Corp) founded in Portland, Oregon by three extraordinary women. Their schtick? Offering organic ketchup, barbecue sauce, taco sauce and cocktail sauce that makes food more fun — and more delicious. They are a small team with a big vision: to make amazing condiments that elevate the ordinary.
Brand Identity • Brand Strategy • Package Design • Collateral • Art Direction • Signage • Retail + Tradeshow Displays

Red Duck is quirky, irreverent

and a helluva lot of fun.

As the creative lead, I was charged with the

re-brand to carry their spirited vision

across their growing condiment empire.

RD Ketuchup Family_CS.jpg
I’ve worked closely with RDF for years and we've developed a trusted, fruitful and fun relationship.
Having just a few simple ingredients, a whole lotta spunk and nothing artificial, inspired the simplicity
I kept in mind when updating their logo, in addition to conceptualizing and designing a label system
that has grown to 11 products across 4 categories.
RDF Taco Sauce Image.png
Anyone standing in front of a condiment aisle will agree that there are thousands of choices and they all resemble each other in many ways. For the label approach, I stripped away much of the hoopla, added a pinch of playfulness, and create a clean, unexpected and honest label for a clean, unexpected and honest condiment company.
Photographer John Vals and food stylist Andrea Strocker brought their immense talents to support additional collateral extensions and the results are mouth-watering.
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