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Drop it. Pop it. Work it.
Luv it.

Booty Luv® Fitness emerged from the ambition of fitness trainer Heather Craig, who has created fusion based workout programs that empower women to be silly, sexy, strong and stable. Her workouts became so popular she needed to meet the demand for her growing fitness community. I helped create a dynamic online experience to engage current students and convert new subscribers to reach their fitness goals anytime, anywhere.

Brand Identity • Website • Digital Marketing • Apparel • Collateral

Get fit. Have fun. Repeat.

As the creative lead, I helped strategize and create dynamic digital solutions for the brand's growing fitness community.

From online classes, international wellness retreats, alerts for pop-up classes

and an expanding apparel line, this brand continues to be crafted with LUV to

encourage women to be silly, sexy, strong and stable.

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